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2021-01-11 - Wow, it's been awhile since my last update. I missed 5 birthdays for, which is now apparently 10 years old! How much things have changed in that time!...Anyway, I'm trying to get my momentum back. It will probably happen gradually, so for now, I've uploaded some videos that might be of interest: Tied to a parking meter at Folsom 2019, Breathplay in Full Tack at Folsom 2019, and Tightly ebi tied with breathplay. Not necessarily the most compelling of topics, but it gives you a highlight into what I have been doing when I do get the rare chance to pony up.

With luck, I'll be updating the blog, stories, and videos first, then adding some more articles and DIY stuff. There are a couple stories and DIY projects that I've been working on that I want to share, and I hope you like them. There are also quite a few more still in various stages which should ideally come together over the next few months.

If you've been around for all these years, you are a bigger masochist than I, BUT, I do sincerely thank you for your attention and patience. I can't promise a return to normalacy because we've all changed in this time, and sometimes Life throws one for a wild ride on top of that, but hopefully things will calm down a bit, and I can get back to ponying in earnest and sharing my experiences with you :), which has always been my favorite hobby even if I take the occasional hiatus. Seriously though, thank you so much for visiting me to listen to my ramblings mixed in with the ponyplay - I really appreicate your time and hope I can offer something useful in return in the form of my own journey into ponyplay from starting with a simple bit I bought (embarrasingly so) at a horse tack shop until today.

There also might be a refresh to coming in the future if time and energy could both expand simultaneously :) While I know a refresh is due (some would say overdue), it's still my baby that I started from scratch, furiously writing in a text editor to generate old school html pages and links (what I'm still doing now as I write this update, and it's what I grew up with) and somehow I made it into something more than I ever thought it would or could be, and I actually learned a lot a long the way. I'd hate to see it go the way of a worpress site or something similar (nothing against that at all, but after all the sweat and time I poured into it (seriously, this site should still be back compatible with IE5.5, maybe with the exception of rounded corners), I'd much prefer it come into the modern age by my own fingers), but hopefully I can find a middle ground or just spend a month making a new design and learning to implement it on the backside in any spare time I can now wrangle.

In writing this update, I realize this is more suited as a blog post, but what the f*ck fuck (it's my website, so I guess I can say that), why not post it here. Hopefully there will be many more blog posts to come. Enjoy your ponying when you have the opportunity. These last few years have taught me to treasure mine! A toast to many more years of pony fun!

2018-02-23 - I talk pony play with Pup Amp on Watts The Safeword.

2017-11-07 - My new play partner and I tried tried an elbow hogtie with me in tack and made a short clip of my struggles while I was hogtied by my elbows. The audio isn't too great (still working on my videography), but I thought I'd share regardless :) It was so fun to be tied like that. Next time, it'll be way tigher!

2017-07-31 - I got tacked up for Dore Alley this year (it's like a mini Folsom Street Fair). I also had the honor of being handled by the cutest puppy ever. I posted some photos and video of me, my puppy handler, and the Dore Alley in general.

2017-02-24 - I finished up part 2 of "The Equestrian Team" (a story).

2017-02-20 - I added a first draft of a story, kidnapped at the fair, and an article on hoof soaking boots and how they can be used to give a human pony hooves.

2017-02-11 - I added a video of me struggling against the shock collar, trying to pull it away from my neck while wearing latex hoof mitts.

2017-01-11 - I moved to an EV SSL certificate. Not that it adds much more to security than a regular SSL, but it looks cool :)

2016-12-29 - As the year winds to a close, I wanted to take a brief look back at pony play in 2016.

2016-12-27 - A short video on how to quickly remove horseshoes from hoof boots.

2016-10-15 - As I was writing a story, I was prompted to devise a way to both make pony point trainers out of common equestrian supplies and make pony hand hooves from equipment available at a local tack store.

2016-10-13 - About a month ago (Sept 8-12th), I took a short trip to Berlin to attend Folsom Europe (on Sept 10th), and I wanted to share some photos of the human animals at Folsom Berlin 2016.

2016-09-15 - is 5 years old today. My, how time has flied! He's gone from a bubmbling little colt into a sleek stallion - at least in his dreams he has :) Speaking of being sleek, it's nearing time for a site redesign...soon, but not today: this pony is lazy and likes to procrastinate.

2016-05-16 - Updated the site navigation menu (left-most pane) to include all the videos in the video index and all the prodcut reviews as well as a few additional vet play articles and tack articles.

2016-02-26 - A video of me getting hogtied by my bit gag (with long tongue port - eek) in full harness, hoof gloves, and Punitive hoof boots.

2016-02-13 - Equus Eroticus is back! Actually, it's been back for a couple months now, but I didn't notice because it moved to a new url ( Anyway, check it out. It's run by Rebecca Wilcox (author of The Human Pony book) and is an online continuation of the print magazine started by Paul Reed. There's lots of great content.

2016-01-21 - I have switched over to HTTPS. The change is sitewide. I've been wanting to do this for some time because I believe privacy should be the norm not the exception. Anyway, I'm hoping the transission will be smooth, but it's possible there may be some issues. If you notice any unusual behavior (e.g. errors like "parts of this page are insecure" or 404's for pages on the site) and are feeling kind, I would greatly appreciate it if you took a moment to let me know via the contact form or post a note in the forum.

2016-01-08 - After a recent roundtable discussion, I thought it might be timely to revisit the differences between erotic and non-erotic pony play.

2016-01-04 - On the technical side, a small glitch in the site's search functionality has been corrected. When you use the search box in the navigation (left) pane or the search page, it should now return all relevant results. On the interesting side, check out the google trends plot for pony play! There's been a large, steady climb in interest over the last 3 years!

2015-12-28 - A review of my new Bob Basset Leather Horse Mask. Although I received it back in early July, I've been unusually busy these last few months, but after some fun testing and photographing, here are my thoughts on this awesome piece of gear.

2015-10-23 - The Stockroom has a sale on a bunch of pony stuff! I think the sale prices will only last up to Halloween (just my guess). There's also some puppy play gear on sale if you're looking for a pair of paws (which you can actually turn into leather hoof mitts).

They have rubber hoof gloves and a pony head harness/bridle with ears on sale. The hoof gloves are no longer on sale.

2015-10-15 - I finally finished my hoof project! Well, I actually finished it a month or so ago, but putting together photos and writing up the tutorial took way longer than expected. Anyway, if you're interested in making a pair of Reactor-like hoof boots, here's a an illustrated guide on how I made my own pair of hoof boots. I also included a copy of the templates I used to create each of the pieces of the hoof. There's also now a diy pony equipment section, which I'm hoping to populate with more articles as I finsh other tack and equipment projects.

2015-09-15 - is 4 years old today!

2015-08-04 - Once again occuring after a major US Supreme Court decision, the 2015 San Fracnsico pride parade was especially cheerful and upbeat, and ponies were well represented during the parade. Here are some of the photos I took of the human ponies during the parade.

2015-07-21 - Just a quick FYI, when registering for the forums, the system will send you an email to confirm your registration. If you don't receive the email, please check your spam folder. If it's not there, you can contact me using the web contact form, and I will resend it to you. Please include the email you used in the registration and your username for the forums.

2015-07-19 - Okay, let's try this again: the forums are back up. I'm working on the display issues in IE 10 and under and on mobile devices, but hopefully everything else will work smoothly now. The bug that caused the issues a couple days ago should now hopefully (fingers crossed) be fixed.

2015-07-16 - I installed a set of forums for pony play discussions. These are still being finalized and formatting is not yet up to par, especially on mobile devices in portrait orientation, but if you're interested, please register and give them a try.

Update: It has come to my attention that the forums are also not displaying correctly in Internet Explorer 10 and below, in some cases to the point that they are unusable. I apologize for this, and I am working on the issue.

Update 2: So, a major bug cropped up when the forums went live - big as in crashed my webserver...twice. So I had to take them down for troubleshooting. Looks like I got caught with my pants down big time (definitely not in a good way).

2015-05-31 - A brief discussion on self pony play and role headspace plays in the ability to play by oneself. Self bondage is necessary if you enjoy the forced pony play headspace, but it's quite possible to have pony training scenes solo if one's willing to accept the risk and added diffciulty in setup.

2015-04-18 - After reading a discussion over on the pony forums on Fetlife, I was prompted to write an article in which I argue that we should not have globally standardized gaits for all human ponies.

2015-01-16 - Feeling especially crafty this year, I started on project I've wanted to try for awhile: making a Reactor-like hoof boot.

2015-01-09 - A list of pony play events in 2015 in the U.S. With the year just beginning, I thought it might be a good time to take a look at what pony events are coming up in the year ahead.

2015-01-02 - An illustrated tutorial for converting a bio-horse bridle to fit the human head.

2015-01-01 - Happy to New Year! I hope everyone has a wonderful 2015!

2014-12-26 - As the last post of 2014, I thought it might be cool to take a look back at 2014 in the world of pony play.

2014-12-25 - Seasons Greetings! As I headed off to bed, I noticed the clock has ticked past midnight into the very begining of 12/25. I know that here in San Francisco, we are in nearly the latest of all the time zones. Nevertheless, I wanted to throw out a little holiday greeting before going to sleep. I hope the holidays find you happy and well, and I thank you for visiting cpony.

2014-12-19 - A look at the endless equiment debate, which revolves around how much or little tack should be used during pony play. The amount of tack you use is simply personal preference: there's no right or wrong amount to use. My own preference is for more tack, and that is mostly because of the headspace involved in my play.

2014-12-03 - I had the wonderful opportunity to interview humanorhorse of the South Louisiana Pony and Puppy Group. He shares his journey into pony play and how he started a local group and organized a successful pony event.

Also, the video formatting/sizing issues on iOS should now be resolved (you may need to refresh the page for this to take effect).

2014-11-26 - cpony finally has a mobile friendly site (navigation pane is still at the left, but you have to click the 3 lines at the top left to open it up)...albeit with a few minor bugs. I spent the last few days developing it and getting it to work almost exactly the way I wanted it to. The last of the kinks (bad kind of kinks) will be ironed out in the next couple days, but if you just plain don't like it, you have the option to opt back into the "desktop" version at the bottom of every page (this option will soon be added to the top of the page as well). If you're on a desktop/laptop, you shouldn't notice any change (well, except the navigation pane which now includes direct links to videos and a couple silly stories I wrote as well as places to buy specific gear). If you're on a mobile device and love or hate the new look, I'd love to hear what you think.

Also, a couple new articles are on the way, so no, I wasn't just doing backend stuff (as hot as that sounds). And most importantly, happy holidays! I hope you all have a fun, happy, and safe holiday season :)

2014-10-20 - I was able to attend the 2014 Northern California Fox Hunt, and I had a complete blast. I hope to attend again next year and gear up and take a much more active role!

2014-10-14 - After receving the redesigned pegasus equine sheath, or Pegasus 2 as it is sometimes called, a few weeks ago, I finally had a chance to give a more thorough testing and write up the results. Here is my review of the Pegasus 2 equine sheath.

2014-10-07 - Flash fall back has been added for all embedded videos, which should address playability issues in IE9 and earlier as well as earlier versions of other browsers. If you're still experiencing issues, please let me know.

2014-09-27 - Here are some photos and video of the human ponies at 2014 Folsom Street Fair. The fair was last Sunday, and there was good turnout of ponies despite the overcast weather.

2014-09-07 - A list of podcast episodes on pony play I put together. It's pretty interesting to listen to how others enjoy pony play and what first drew them to it. I learned a fair amount from some of the interviews, and they've also given me some inspiration for my own play.

2014-08-18 - After lusting after them for what feels like forever (I remember seeing them around online back when they were being sold under, I finally bought a pair of the pony play hobbles by Sinvention. A few days ago, I received the hobbles and recently had a chance to test them out a bit and write up my impressions. Here is my review of the Sinvention pony breeding hobbles.

2014-07-27 - I attended my second Dore Alley today. While I only encountered a couple ponies, I thought I'd share my photos (and a minute or so of video composed of clips of what was going on throughout the fair) of the Up Your Alley (Dore Alley) Festival 2014.

2014-07-20 - I promised myself that I would try to attend more pony events (or events that include ponies) during the upcoming year. So, when I heard that San Diego Pride parade (which is only a short flight from San Francisco) would be on a Saturday in July, I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the parade. Here are a few of the photos of the san diego ponies and critters in the parade I snapped yesterday.

2014-07-12 - A brief guide to fitting your pony with a bit. A properly fitting bit is essential for proper communication between pony and trainer. Given that rein aids are one of the most important ways a pony and trainer communicate during play (especially if the pony is not a riding pony), it's important to make sure that a pony's bit is properly translating that reins pressure into something he can understand and respond to.

2014-07-06 - Today, I want to examine 12 pony play myths. Misconceptions about pony play can discourage potential ponies/handlers from giving it a try, so I wanted to go over a few of the (in my opinion) more common ones.

Also, I revamped the videos index page to make it a little easier to navigate. Please let me know if you're having any issues (also FYI, Firefox defaults to ogv (which is of a little lower quality) for embedded videos, so you may wish to use the direct download link (via the "mp4" on the index page, or just by clicking the "direct link" in the video caption if you're on a page with an embedded video) if you're using FF and the videos are not quite up to par).

2014-03-04 - Continuing in the spirit of the Chinese Zodiac, here are 13 Suggestions for the Year of The Horse.

2014-02-27 - (Belated) Happy Year of the Horse! I hope everyone had a safe and awesome new year, and will enjoy even more pony play this year. With the year's theme in mind, I tried to explain why pony play appeals to me in particular.

2013-12-01 - After being reminded of the concept, I created a pony play mind map (you can click here to go directly to the large version). Although I made it just for fun, I think it might also be a nice visual representaiton of some pony play concepts. Regradless, don't take it too seriously.

2013-11-03 - My review of the lovely Sinvention pony point trainers. I call them pony boots, only without the boot. Supremely effective at keeping a pony his toes, these are great practice for wearing hoof boots (or just as a nice bondage device for your bondage pony).

2013-10-02 - In addition to the cavalcade video in yesterday's Folsom photo post, I have also uploaded two more videos from Folsom: a dressage pony play demo with subMissAnn putting a ponyboy through his paces, and a handful of puppies playing near the Stampede booth.

You can subscribe to the cpony mRSS (media RSS feed) to be automatically updated when there is new video content, or you can check the cpony video index page, which is also updated when I add new videos.

2013-10-01 - Some photos I took of the human animals at the 2013 Folsom Street Fair.

2013-09-19 - I wanted to share page 78 of the official Folsom Street Fair program. If you're going to be at the fair, read the flag's code and stop by The Stampede booth and say hello! If you want to see the full program, check out Gloss's Facebook page.

2013-09-08 - A list of some of my favorite pony play sites.

2013-09-01 - I was struck recently about the unique challenges in training a human pony compared to biological horse. I'm planning to do several installments on pre-training your human to prepare him for pony training. For example, today I decided to cover hooves. Obviously there would never be a need to train a bio-horse to walk on his toes or not to have fingers, but for a human pony, this is a valid training topic.

Also: good news! The Stampede (San Francisco pony and pet play group) will have its own booth at the 2013 Folsom Street Fair where ponies and other animals will hang out. Also, members of the LAPACC will be joining us at our booth, and I'm planning on being at the booth in pony tack as well, so if you're in the area, drop by the booth to say hello and see animal role play in action! The exact location of the booth will be announced mid-September.

2013-08-26 - In addition to finally rendering some of the video I took at Dore Alley, I also found some footage from a few years back while cleaning up some old hard drives (me in a hoof boot strappado with a little backstory, and me successfully pulling off my hoof mitts in the pool (short clip, but I liked it because at the time T refused to take them off, and I surprised myself at being able to get them off)).

The video index and mRSS have been updated, and I should definitely have more footage after Folsom (only a month away).

2013-08-24 - I finally added some content to the page on electroejaculation. I had to wait until I bought a bipolar dildo and did some extensive testing with the ET232 and some literature research as well :)

2013-07-28 - I attended the annual Up Your Alley Fair earlier today, and here are some of the photos I took at Dore Alley.

2013-07-13 - I put together a list of 5 places to find masks/hoods for ponyplay as a follow up to my previous posts on where to find bridles and saddles.

2013-07-02 - Being the first time I attended San Francisco's Pride Parade, I elected not to go as a pony this year (a decision I regretted as soon as we turned onto Market St), but that did mean I was able to get some photos of the ponies and critters in the parade as well as all of 5 seconds of video (I'm new to the video thing) :)

2013-06-27 - I've been a little review crazy these past few weeks, but I recently purchased a plug tail (unusual because I don't usually use butt plugs), and I was quite impressed with it. Here's my review of the Rosebuds horse hair plug tail.

2013-06-17 - Here's my experience attending my first animal roleplay munch this past March.

2013-06-16 - Not long ago, I was reading an erotic story (about a man forced to become a ponyboy, what a surprise huh?) that described a really cool bit. After looking into it, it turns out that a roller bit with an attached tongue tongue port (with a little vetwrap perhaps to cover the rollers) would probably be nearly equivalent. So of course, I went out and bought one and T helped me decide if it's as efficacious as the story led me to believe (it is).

2013-06-15 - I read the electronic version of book one of an installment series of erotic pony play: here are my thoughts on The Riding School (Pony Tales) (Book 1).

2013-06-13 - I added an article on plumes - and got to get outside and take a few photos on a beautiful day :)

2013-06-02 - A review of Pony Training: Five Case Studies on Pony Play, Ownership and Kinky Submission, a book by Garth Mundinger-Klow. The review is a little on the short side (and a little ranty, sorry) because the book is simply a collection of 5 pony play stories gathered from SirJeffs and other free sites.

2013-05-21 - An initial review of the extremely lightweight and powerful ErosTek ET232 portable e-stim unit.

2013-04-29 - A flyer at a recent munch got me thinking about human fox hunts in general, and the northern california fox hunt in particular.

2013-04-08 - I got to interview Ponygirl Bixy of the Ottawa Pony and Critter Club (OPCC). She started the OPCC, a pony and pet play group in Ottawa, Canada, and organises munches and events for local ponies and critters. We talk pony play, and she offers some advice on starting a local pony play group.

2013-04-07 - A compilation of random pony play quotes from around the internet.

Also, directory URLs will now display with only the trailing slash (no index.html). For example:

is now:

This will not effect any bookmarks or links, all of which should still get you to the correct page even if there is no longer an "index.html" in the address bar. Nevertheless, I wanted to let you know in case you noticed the new URL and were unsure if you were on the correct page.

2013-03-24 - I made up some overall design guidelines for my smartphone controlled ponyboy training/shock collar system. Now with some design goals, I'm going to start developing this system. The first step, controlling basic shocking from a smartphone app over bluetooth, should not be terribly difficult to implement. So, I hope to have a simple prototype of that soon. The other features will require a microprocessor and some additional circuitry, but I am motivated to get this working!

2013-02-23 - I have posted the answers to the pony play crossword. They're available in both JPEG format and PDF format (opens in a new window).

Also, there are now index pages for videos (though at the moment there is only the one video) and PDFs. I hope to have one for images soon (I need to get a lightweight image gallery that fits the site's design so it's not quite as easy as just a list of links).

2013-02-21 - I decided to post a 30 second video clip of me walking on the treadmill in hoof boots. This is from our last treadmill session. While all the video footage from that session came out poorly, I'm not sure when we'll do something like that again, so I figured I'd throw a little bit of the footage up until next time. EDIT: It seems the video is not displaying in IE9...I'm working on this issue. All other browsers should have no issue.

2013-02-17 - My thoughs on pony play competitions. After reading a post where someone was lamenting the judging criteria, I looked into some of the rules myself, and at first, I found myself agreeing with the author of the post. However, I soon realized that the idea of expecting a small handful of pony play competitions to cover every possible discipline and style of play was ludicrous. Anyway, if you're interested in my thoughts on the matter, please give the post a read.

2013-02-15 - Sparked by a post on Fetlife a couple months ago, I put to voice my own idea of PonyCon - an international convention dedicated to pony play.

2013-02-12 - A pony play cross word puzzle. PDF version available here. I'll post the answers in a few days.

2013-02-09 - A reminder that the second Ask the Pony Q&A session will be broadcast live tomorrow (Sunday, February 10th) morning starting at 8AM PST. Questions will open 30 minutes prior to that at 7:30AM PST.

Also, I just stumbled across this cool post on Scamp's puppy play blog. It describes the difference between dog training and puppy play, which appear to be the canine equivalents to "forced" pony play (aka BDSM pony play) and equine role play respectively. It's definitely worth a read. I found Scamp's blog via BeauPup's blog.

2013-02-04 - I combined my "scene ideas" series of posts into a convenient PDF format. Feel free to download my 39 Pony Play Scene Ideas (opens in new window) list in PDF format for later reference or printing.

2013-02-02 - I just implemented a new and improved search function for the site. This has been long overdue, especially as the number of pages on cpony have grown. Most of the changes are on the back end, but you'll see more consistent formatting on the results pages (to match the design of the site), and of course, the search results that are returned will hopefully be much better.

There is now a dedicated site search page you can use in addition to the search box near the bottom of the navigation pane. If you notice any bugs, please contact me so I can try to fix them.

2013-01-31 - If you're looking for scene ideas to mix things up, or just to help you get started, you might be interested in my newest list of pony play scene ideas.

2013-01-23 - I went through an awkward phase when I started out in pony play. I think we all do because it's something new, and we're still not quite sure what to do or how to act. So, I relay my experience in getting my first trainer to treat me like a horse along with a little trick that worked well for us.

Also, there will be a live Ask the Pony Q&A session happening on Sunday, February 10th. It will be starting at 8AM PST, but you can start submitting your questions at that link from 7:30AM PST. It will be broadcast live on Youtube. I'll post another reminder closer to time, but in the interim, consider RSVP'ing to Fetlife event if you're interested.

2013-01-22 - I wanted to take some time to answer a few of the most common questions I get here at in a post. I hope this will be useful for the many potential ponies and trainers out there.

2013-01-20 - I put together the 10 definitive rules for proper pony play (satirical).

2013-01-09 - Over the holidays, my trainer tacked me up and gave me the choice to either run on the treadmill or be elastrated. I chose the treadmill. I originally wrote this up right after the experience, and in re-reading it now, I'm not really sure what to make of it. I've posted it anyway because I'm not going to go back and rewrite it, but it's in a no man's land between a dry account of events and bad BDSM erotica, so just be warned if choose to read it.

2012-12-11 - I put together a list of places to find saddles for pony play as a follow up to my previous post on where to find bridles.

Also, did not come in last for the bondage awards - that means that people (who aren't me) voted for cpony! Thank you so much to everyone who voted!

2012-11-06 - My pony play links page has been cleaned up a bit and is hopefully now easier to read. Some of the links have been re-ordered, but all should still be there. Sorry to have to change things up, but it was getting a bit unwieldy and difficult to read.

2012-11-04 - I recently purchased a copy of The Human Pony. I have read through it a few times and have now written a review of Rebecca Wilcox's The Human Pony. It's a very useful book for those without bio-equine experience who want to begin their journey into ponyplay.

2012-10-31 - cPony has been added to the list of nominees for one of the 2012 bondage awards in the bondage resource category!

If you have the time to vote for cpony, it would be much appreciated :)

2012-10-31 - Happy Halloween!

2012-10-30 - The Wall Street Journal reports on the increasingly common "horseless" classes at horse shows. If the competitors were a decade or two older and sporting bridles, I would be going to a lot more bio-horse shows.

Also, Wicked Grounds, San Francisco's premier kinky café, has been nominated for several bondage awards including Best Local Bondage Scene. They have my vote - any place that's willing to serve me coffee in a dog bowl is okay in my book.

2012-10-24 - I was making some minor changes to my pony play training section (to make the articles less disjointed for those who do not arrive on the training index page) when I realized that I was missing a section on voice commands. Thus, I added a page on vocal commands in pony play training, which covers some of the basic commands a pony should know.

2012-10-19 - I created a pony play negotiation form, and a fillable PDF pony play negotiation form (opens in a new window).

2012-10-17 - Pony play tack can be expensive, so here are some links that show you how to make your own pony play tack. Most just require some rope and a little practice.

2012-10-12 - I revisited pony play prevalence, but from the opposite perspective. I took a look at spikes in searches for pony play online and tried to correlate a couple of the major ones with mainstream media coverage of pony play.

2012-10-10 - The 4th Annual Ghostly Equestrian Ball will be held on Saturday October 27th at Boardners in Hollywood.

2012-10-09 - Not specifically pony related, but an episode of Taboo that includes some puppy play will air today. It will feature Mistress Liliane Hunt who is also a San Francisco local, and who I saw at Folsom street fair a couple weeks ago being pulled by several lovely human ponies. It will air again on Thursday Nov 1st at 8PM eastern time.

2012-09-30 - The biggest lesson I learned from Folsom last week is that live ponyplay is mesmeric. As much as I have been involved with pony play, I have never really taken the time to go to an event as a spectator. It was only after I last weekend that I realized not only what a gaping hole in my experience that was, but how much I was missing.

2012-09-23 - I arrived back home from Folsom Street Fair not too long ago and have put up some of the photos I took at the fair (due to photos, page size is around 1MB; it may take a few seconds to load, depending on your connection speed). I'll be adding more as I get time to look through and edit them, but here are a few for the moment.

2012-09-17 - I talk a lot about sexualized BDSM pony play on the blog side of cpony, but I wanted to briefly talk about my experience with achieving pony headspace. This isn't something I want a pat of on the back (neck?) for. You see, I get into pony headspace only when I get so caught up in a scene that I forgot to be turned on. It sounds stupid I admit, but when I'm busy being trained and working hard for my trainer, I do sometimes lose myself in the scene...though I do regain my arousal when there is a break in the intense training.

2012-09-16 - Crap, I forgot that turned 1 year old yesterday. What a pretty little colt it is. Anyway, thanks to everyone who has taken time to read through any of my articles. I only hope that I was able to offer you something useful, and perhaps even mildly entertaining, in exchange for your time. Thanks for reading!

And a little special thanks to humanpony who has inspired me on more than one occasion over the last year.

2012-09-15 - I have finally made some progress on one of my previous projects and now having working prototypes of electrified bits and spurs. If you like BDSM ponyplay, then this might appeal to you. If you prefer the more bio-equine based ponyplay, I will be posting my experience as a demo ponyboy at the norcal kink ride last Saturday (which is why I didn't get a post up last week), which might be more appealing to you (I'll try to have my experience there posted in the next day or two).

2012-09-03 - With some reader suggestions, I wrote up another pony play scene idea entry: 10 More Pony Play Scene Ideas. Thanks for all the suggestions!

2012-08-27 - An interesting discussion came up Fetlife, which prompted me to write a post on preventing intelligible speech in ponyplay. A lot of my ponyplay (at least when I am the pony) involves a reasonable amount of bondage. Thus, I discuss a few different bits (and my beloved bit port of course) that can be used to curb any coherent speech in ponyboys. And I touch on eletrical play as a training method as well.

2012-08-12 - I have written a review of "Pet and Ponygirls". This subscription website is one of the few that justifies it cost in the face of free content by providing frequent updates of high quality stills and videos. My only real negative comment was that I thought the resolution of the still photos, while decent (enough to fill up a typical screen at 100%) could easily be increased to let us see the finer details of the ponygirl bondage.

2012-08-11 - I have completed my review of the Pegasus equine sheath.

2012-08-06 - I wanted to share my first impressions of the Pegasus equine sheath with you. This is rather short (a complete review will follow in the next couple days) since I have not as yet worn it, but I was so excited, that I had to share something.

2012-08-05 - I tried out a new pair of pony ears that came with a new bridle. The pony ears provided a good degree of sensory restriction. Namely, they allowed me to hear sounds coming from directly in front of me but muffled all other sounds. Between the ears and the blinders, not only was my attention forced in front of me, but I was surprisingly nervous when my trainer did not keep rein contact.

Also, I recently ordered the Pegasus equine sheath, which I am expecting to arrive tomorrow. I will post a review in the next day or so, so check back if you are interested.

2012-07-29 - I am a lost ponyboy. My pony play is all about contradictions: one day I am a bondage pony with intensely sexual scenes, the next day lunge work mirroring bio-horse training. Admittedly, most scenes are somewhere in the middle (though gravitating torwards show pony), but my question is: why do I have to choose?

2012-07-22 - I made an illustrated guide on attaching a bit port to a pony's bit gag. A tongue port is useful in keeping a ponyboy's tongue down and prevent him playing with the bit. A bit port can be bought for ~$2 and trimmed to size if it stimulates your pony's gag reflex. Be warned though: it causes copious drooling!

2012-07-21 - My pony play blog was getting unwieldy, so I made the index page a little easier to navigate: the entries are still in reverse chronological order, but the entries are now properly titled as well as dated. All content is still there, and the link structure remains the same; it should just be easier to read.

2012-07-20 - I recently had a little experience of not wanting to wear a plume. My trainer wanted my to wear it, and I was a bit of a bad pony and acted up, but on reflecting I realized that I rarely like to submit (I really dislike it), and for the most part, our play does not really involve much submission (at least in my working definition of the word). I realized later, that no matter what I did, my submission to her was inevitable.

2012-07-16 - As my ponyplay links page becomes more crowded, I (with my iPhone's promoting) decided to create a more concise list of places to buy tack. Today, I choose to give you links to retailers of pony play bridles. Also, I had a chance to act on incorporating "catching" a ponyboy into my scenes this past weekend, and I will write up my experience shortly.

2012-07-10 - Why I love ponyplay: As one of the <sarcasm>very few ponies</sarcasm> who prefers forced ponyplay with a stronger BDSM theme (as opposed to equine role play and other variants), I thought I'd share why I love it.

2012-07-09 - Four tips for single ponyboys looking for trainers: a few things you can do while looking for a trariner.

2012-07-08 - A brief overview of five bio-horse bits I love for ponyplay. These bits are a little unusual (and can be a little severe/intense) so I thought I would share. If you're interested, they are all pretty inexpensive and can be attached to an existing bridle, or directly around a pony's head with a simple leather or velcro strap.

Also, I'm experimenting with an RSS feed (the almost-snazzy little button at the bottom of the navigation (left) pane). So, if you're feeling adventurous (and of course are interested in hearing about recent updates to my site), give it a try and let me know your experience!

2012-06-24 - I added a brief article on the pony-trainer interaction, which, while difficult for me to articulate, is one of the most enjoyable aspects of ponyplay to me. This interaction is part of what sets pony play apart.

2012-06-10 - I apologize for the recent lack of updates: I've been quite busy with work the last several weeks (a lame excuse I know (no pun originally intended)), and unfortunately I've been a somewhat lazy pony (bad boy!) when it comes to updating this site. However, I hope to resume my regularly irregular updates shortly, when I will expand upon my "10 Pony Play Scene Ideas" list to include some reader suggestions (thanks for all the suggestions!). Also, if you've contacted me in the last couple months, I apologize for not getting back to you sooner: I am going through my email now and will respond soon.

2012-04-01 - I probably should not post this update today, but I promise I'm not fooling (and ponyboys have no fingers to cross - only hooves)!

cPony should now display (mostly) correctly in IE6 and up. It should be reasonable in IE5.5, but a couple design elements may not be perfect (although a page refresh seemed to make nearly everything display correctly). The only real issue I have encountered is with the page on lip tattoos - for some reason IE6 does not like my Thoroughbred lip tattoo calculator and refuses to load the page at all (though IE5.5 and IE7+ are all fine, so go figure). I will attempt to fix this.

I don't think I wrecked anything in the process of trying to get some backward compatability, but if you notice any issues, please do let me know. My goal for this site was, and still is, to provide a useful resource for anyone interested in ponyplay. Thus, I'm sorry I didn't get this compatability done sooner (though if you are a webmaster, you probably have an idea as to why it took as long as it did :).

Alright enough (of this computer stuff)! I'm off to do some actual ponyplay...

2012-03-28 - I added a fun little entry: 10 Pony Play Scene Ideas. I thought I'd throw out a few ideas for ponyplay scenes that I have tried and enjoy. I also hope this might give some ideas to those new to ponyplay.

2012-03-27 - I made a couple minor tweaks to the navigation menu and style of the site. These are very minor changes meant to increase the usability of the website. The styling changes are also minor. On my list is to improve the display of the website in IE6 and IE7. I hope to have that done in the next few weeks.

2012-03-24 - Finally got around to updating my ponyplay equipment index page. I'm in the process of updating these older index pages and upgrading a couple of stubs into actual informative articles (after a few more "experiments" I'll have enough information to write up a properly researched article on veterinary rectal exams and prostate milking - yeah that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it).

2012-03-17 - I added a blog entry on the relative distribution of ponygirls and ponyboys. I digressed a little bit and talked about the apparent lack of male trainers willing to train ponyboys - I know they are out there, but they do seem rare - since my trainer suggested I mix things up a little and perhaps try a session with a male trainer.

2011-02-29 - Added a letter code calculator for Thoroughbred lip tattoos, which you can use to calculate the corresponding letter code for your foaling year. This is really just for fun or if you want to calculate the letter code for a bio-horse. I was surfing the net and realized that technically letter codes for Thoroughbreds only go back to 1945. So with a couple minutes on my hand, I thought it would be fun to make a calculator that would give you the code for earlier years (even though they weren't used on bio-horses prior to 1947, and not widely used until a few years after that)...anyway, like I said I was bored.

2012-02-22 - All issues with the contact form have now been fixed.

2011-12-30 - Added a section on equine dildoes and strap-ons. While these are not for everyone, I think they can bring an added level of fun and uniqueness, especially to breeding scenes.

2011-12-28 - It's come to my attention that the contact form is a little overzealous in rejecting messages as possible spam especially on mobile devices. I am working on fixing this issue, but for the moment I've implemented a quick fix which will allow me to receive the messages even if you get a "Spam Attempt" or "Form processing halted" message so don't worry if you get this error: I should still get your message. Sorry for the inconvenience! My goal was not to have to use a CAPTCHA (and I still have no plans to add one), but apparently the filtering needs to be a little less aggressive.

2011-11-01 - Added a section on extreme and harsh bits for punishment, show, or just plain pleasure from pain.

2011-10-25 - More information on castration play including specific articles on using an elastrator, burdizzo, and an emasculator.

2011-10-20 - I added some information on needle play and infusion play. Combine these with castration play for a really intense experience (but be careful)!

2011-10-01 - Added content to the veterinary play section including a couple articles on castration play.

2011-09-27 - I have started writing a section on ponyplay history. I have included references to various literature sources to try and make it more objective. This is a work in progress, and the overall cohesiveness of the article is not perfect, but I am improving it as I go.

2011-09-25 - I created a ponyplay blog with my thoughts on random topics as well as some of my personal ponyplay experiences.

2011-09-16 - The 3rd Annual Ghostly Equestrian Ball will be held on October 29th at Boardners in Hollywood. It is presented by Bondage Ball and Bar Sinister.

2011-09-15 - Site is live, but there are a few pages to which I am still adding content, so it is still a work in progress. Feel free to look around if you like.