Pony Play Info and Resources


If you arrived here by mistake and are not interested in pony play, you can still leave since I definitely don't want to force my fetish on anyone.

I've compiled a list, with links, of retailers of ponyplay hoofboots along with the prices charged by the respective retailers. Also, here are 17 places to buy bridles for ponyplay.

I made a PDF pony play negotiation form! Fill it out, print, then take it with you to play parties. Or you can view the html pony play negotiation form.

Polymorphe sells rubber pony fist mitts for $86.00 CAD! This is about half of what I've seen these for elsewhere (and 13 of what I paid for mine), so if you were looking to get a pair, check them out.

cPony is a website dedicated to the BDSM fetish of ponyplay. On this site you will find articles describing training techniques, equipment, veterinary play, and more (e.g. my 10 favorite ponyplay scene ideas). Moreover, I have tried to create an extensive list of ponyplay related links to help you find more information and locate retailers of unique and useful pony play equipment.

Ponyplay is a form of human animal role play that draws on multiple elements of BDSM and often includes both obvious (e.g. restraints, bits (type of gag), harnesses, etc.) and more subtle forms of domination and submission. While it should be noted that ponyplay does not have to be associated with BDSM, the focus of this site is on the erotic and BDSM elements of ponyplay because these are the elements that (at least partially) drew me to pony play originally. However, most of the articles are still applicable to non-BDSM ponyplay since most are modeled on training biological horses (bio-equine/bio-horse).

Ponyplay has seen an increase in popularity and/or public exposure over the last few years with human ponies even occasionally appearing (albeit as minor plot elements) in some mainstream television shows. Hopefully, this will increase the size of our herd! Either way, it's nice to see that there are others who enjoy this niche.

If you are new to ponyplay and curious as to what it's all about, check out my ponyplay FAQ. Even more information can be found on my links page where you can find the sites of other ponies, ponyplay groups and clubs. Even if you are not new, take a look around and hopefully you will find something of interest.

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Simple lockable rubber bit gag with attached rubber tongue port to hold down the ponyboy's tongue.

Thanks for looking!