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cPony is a website dedicated to the BDSM fetish of ponyplay.

If you're interested, awesome! Read on below! If you want a slightly more detailed overview of what pony play is all about, check out my pony play faq.

Ponyplay is a form of human animal role play that draws on multiple elements of BDSM. This is true even when pony play is not done for erotic purposes.

cpony wearing full tack outside

Me in my pony play gear (Photo by DonutPupper)

The very act of dressing up as a horse, especially a domesticated horse, invariably involes both obvious (e.g. hands and feet constrained in hooves, vision limited by masks or blinders, speech restricted and head controlled by bits (type of gag), harnesses to control the body, etc.) and more subtle bondage.

Moreover, being treated and trained like a horse is, by definition, dehumanizing (how being dehumanized feels varies from person to person and can be erotic, pleasant but not erotic, or even evoke no feeling at all), and inherently involves domination and submission unless one works to remove that aspect.

While it should be noted that ponyplay does not have to be associated with BDSM, the focus of this site is on the erotic and BDSM elements of ponyplay because these are the elements that (at least partially) drew me to pony play originally.

However, nearly all of the articles are just as applicable to non-BDSM ponyplay since most are modeled on training biological horses (bio-equine/bio-horse). The end result is you will get treated and dressed as a horse, the only difference is in what feelings are generated in you.

Pony play is incredibly diverse and modular - it has so many facets, that you truly can make it whatever you want it to be. Here are a few articles to give you a rough overview of what you can do with the fetish, and some tips on how to get started:

Aside from the short selection above to help you get started, here on cPony, I have written and posted quite a few articles on various pony play topics in addition to my personal musings on ponyplay (and sometimes kink in general) over on the blog side of the site. I've also tried my hand at some erotic story writing, and kinky pony play videography - check them out if you want (and if you're a little masochistic)

If you want to learn more or go into more depth, I would suggest browsing a few general ponyplay topics and narrowing down to what interests you most from there (or search at the bottom of the page or in the navigation bar on the left):

Ponyplay has seen an increase in popularity and/or public exposure over the last few years with human ponies even occasionally appearing (albeit as minor plot elements) in some mainstream television shows. Hopefully, this will increase the size of our herd! Either way, it's nice to see that there are others who enjoy this niche. Speaking of which, if you're so inclined, join the cPony forums and say hello :) We're a friendly herd!

If you're interested, you can follow me on twitter or tumblr (I am most active on these platforms at the moment). I post pony play videos and photos to twitter and tumblr with some regularity, but I also add them to this site in my videos section.

I do post updates to facebook, google+, and fetlife (though these are updated slightly less often). On the site, you can read a little bit more about me and why I started cpony and be notified of any updates by subscribing to my rss feed.

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